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    Project Overview

    A customer in the Netherlands required a failure root cause analysis, engineering, upgrade and replacement of compressor at end of life. EthosEnergy were required to perform vibration measurement on-site followed by a complete rotordynamic analysis.

    Project Highlights

    • Reduced overhang and weight of compressor
    • Increased rotor stability
    • Extended life of the compressor
    • Redesign, upgrade and manufacture of replacement compressor

    The EthosEnergy Solution

    • Redesign and upgrade of compressor
    • Manufacture of upgraded design

    Key Challenges

    • Replacement of end of life compressor with high vibrations and unusual response to daily water wash cycles.

    Key Results

    • Reduced overhang and weight of compressor
    • Increased rotor stability with less requirement for water wash cycles
    • Titanium compressor meaning extended life
    • Other units received same solution

    Our Compressor Capabilities:

    Inspection and Repairs:

    • Centrifugal compressor rotor inspection
    • Axial compressor rotor inspection
    • Repair of seal areas, shaft journals and tapers
    • Re-staging of re-blading
    • Rotor low and high speed balance
    • Bearing inspection and repair
    • Seal inspection and repair
    • Stationary component repairs

    Redesign and Upgrades:

    • Impeller or axial blade redesign
    • Labyrinth seal upgrades + Bearing upgrades
    • Seal conversion (i.e. oil to dry gas)
    • Material upgrades
    • Coatings Field Services
    • Scheduled field inspection
    • Scheduled major overhaul
    • Vibration measurement and analysis
    • Field alignment
    • Rotor trim balancing
    • Troubleshooting

    Other Services

    • Failure root cause analysis
    • Reverse engineering
    • Rotor, impeller and diaphragm manufacture
    • Rotor storage containers

    Special Features

    • Advanced shaft weld repairs
    • Rotor OpSpeed™ balance(High-speed)
    • Compressor re-rates
    • Climate controlled rotor storage facility

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